The Baumhaus (Tree House)

The Baumhaus is German for "The Tree House." This is the spot to warm your tush and fill your belly. In here you'll find all kinds of odds and ins from Christmas trinkets, to a talking Santa Claus, and even an old decorated chainsaw with a 3 foot blade.

The menu consists of hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and a plethora of homemade cookies and candies. There are just too many to name. You'll have to pick your favorite.

There's a roaring fire to warm up next to or dry your wet clothes, due to snowball fights that seem to inevitably break out.

There's room to take a load off after a long day of searching for the "perfect" tree. Sometimes when there are a mixture of opinions looking for a tree, it can take a while. This is also a good spot to leave the one person who doesn't want to face the cold. They usually weigh a few pounds more when you get back to get them.

It seems every inch of the walls are covered with some kind of Christmas decoration. Lots to look at and enjoy.